“Feels Good To Be You” Campaign Takes to London Streets With a New ‘Spin’ on a UK Classic. Campaign to roll out in more than 140 countries.

Non-conformity. Originality. Wit. Unmistakable authenticity. These have been the hallmarks of the iconic lemon-lime 7up brand since 1929, and today, the second largest PepsiCo beverage brand internationally reveals an impactful, original proposition with a refreshed visual identity and global campaign.

“7up is an important, authentic trademark, with an immensely rich heritage and brand equity,” said Brad Jakeman, President, PepsiCo Global Beverage Group. “As global beverage consumption and consumer trends continue to evolve, 7up is an important asset in our portfolio and a terrific choice for consumers who crave an original, refreshing alternative to keep them going.”

Celebrating the everyday people around the world who share these same characteristics, 7up is unveiling a new integrated marketing and advertising campaign – “Feels Good To Be You” – that connects the brand with up and coming originals throughout the world.

7up(R) ushers in refreshing new era with new visual identity and global campaign celebrating up & coming originals. #FeelsGoodToBeYou. (PRNewsFoto/PepsiCo)
7up ushers in refreshing era with new visual identity and global campaign celebrating up and coming originals.

“7up believes that everyone is naturally unique and original – and they should be able to bring out their originality to keep the world fresh and diverse,” said Kristin Patrick, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, PepsiCo Global Beverage Brands. “There is an amazing correlation between our consumers, our product and our brand. From the exciting new visual identity, to the clear, crisp taste that can only be 7up, our brand is as unique as the people who drink it. And it’s this uniqueness that the new campaign celebrates as 7up becomes a companion to originals around the world and provides a genuine platform to share their diversity of interests.”

Rolling out in more than 140 countries, the multi-channel campaign and rejuvenated visual identity, including logo design and packaging, builds on the brand’s authentic equity and history, while staying true to its witty, naturally confident character.

Two global television commercials – and several digital vignettes – feature not celebrities, but truly original everyday personalities who exemplify the 7up brand. The first television creative shares the story of Magda Sayeg – a woman with knitting needles and a desire to yarn the world with her colour and fresh outlook. Magda energizes a forgotten square in Santiago, Chile, where her bright, beautiful knitted creations take over a fountain, benches, trees, bicycles, a guitar and more – with 7up the companion that refreshes Magda so she can reveal her true self and flair to the world.

The second spot shares the talent of Marty Cooper, better known as @Hombre_McSteez, an animator and guerilla cartoonist who brings quirky, imaginative characters to life in the real world. These two global up and coming originals act as beacons of the brand’s “Feels Good to Be You” mantra across a variety of mediums – encouraging consumers around the world to be at their natural best as they do what they love to do.

“As a graffiti artist picks up a spray can, I pick up my knitting needles. The public space is my playground. I find inspiration from the most ordinary and mundane objects. My goal is to transcend something that is ordinary and in our everyday lives into something different — hard or concrete becomes soft and warm; grey or dirty becomes bright and colourful,” said Magda Sayeg, urban knitter. “Taking control of your surroundings and doing something different to them in a way that enhances what you see on a daily basis — essentially making it your own — that is what ‘Feels Good To Be You’ means to me.”

Bringing the campaign to life, 7up and Magda will give another original a refreshed makeover: Beginning today, one of London’s iconic Routemaster buses will take to the streets with a new, wooly look. Knitted from top to bottom, The No. 7up Bus will traverse London and provide busy holiday shoppers with an afternoon refresh.

From global television commercials and digital vignettes to print, out of home and social media efforts, the worldwide originality movement energized by 7up continues throughout 2015. Visit my7up.com for more information beginning in January.

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