7-Eleven and Jones Soda Add Pop with 7-Select

7 Select Jones Soda

Featuring five flavours, the range has debuted as the first premium carbonated class in the aforementioned private brand line-up

Global convenience retailer, 7-Eleven, and beverage company, Jones Soda, have joined forces to create the new 7-Select premium sodas crafted by Jones. The range has debuted as the first premium carbonated beverage in the aforementioned private brand line-up.

Available in five distinct flavours, they collection includes Twisted Citrus, Fruit Loose, Cocolocolilinut, Tropical Slam Rambutan, and Bluesberry Smash. Made using cane sugar, each ranges from 180 to 195 calories per 20-ounce bottle. The offerings run on the tagline, ‘This is no ordinary soda’.

Making use of feedback from customer focus groups, the new soda selections and their flavour profiles were carefully developed over the course of more than a year. They strategically incorporate specific ideas which appeal to the shared 7-Eleven and Jones consumer.

The drinks are packaged in a proprietary plastic bottle for portability to feature an embossed 7-Select logo and a custom carbonation pattern providing a tactile experience for buyers. Meanwhile, the bottle labels feature black-and-white lifestyle images submitted by consumers from both brands.

The latter has embarked on a storewide effort to deliver high-quality items through its 7-Select private brand. The product assortment cuts across all categories and is continually updated to delight drinkers with product experiences unique to the 7-Eleven franchise.

“These exclusive drinks offer premium ingredients, great taste, and a caffeine kick. With fewer calories per serving than the national brands, we believe we have created an ideal product for the 7-Eleven customers of today and tomorrow,” said Jennifer Cue, CEO of Jones Soda.

The collection is available exclusively at participating 7-Eleven locations across the United States. Customers can use the hashtag #7SELECTxJONES to suggest new flavour ideas, post photos for future labels, and check in with their favourite soda variant.