Carl’s Jr. Pairs Truffle and Bacon for Burger and Fries

carl's jr. truffle burger

Carl’s Jr. has debuted two new limited-edition offerings with the release of its Bacon Truffle Angus Burger and Bacon Truffle Cheese Fries.

Carl’s Jr. has added to its menu with the brand’s freshly introduced Bacon Truffle Angus Burger and Bacon Truffle Cheese Fries. Currently available across the United States, both items will be on offer for a limited period at participating restaurants as part of a promotional exercise targeting fans.

Featuring a truffle-infused white cheddar sauce, the sandwich packs a rich profile derived from a flavour combination of garlic, toasted onion, and aged Parmesan. Its charbroiled Black Angus beef patty in a premium bun is topped with Applewood smoked bacon, crispy onion rings, and mayonnaise.

The addition of Swiss cheese and caramelized onions complete the savoury concoction. Meanwhile, the new Carl’s Jr. Bacon Truffle Fries recipe unites the same key essences so the Applewood smoked bacon and truffle-infused white cheddar affords consumers a truly luxurious snacking encounter.

“Truffle is traditionally viewed as a rare indulgence. We are bringing it to our everyday dining experience here at Carl’s Jr. and infusing its distinct flavour into an entirely new offering for our burger-loving customers,” said Owen Klein, Vice President, Culinary Innovation for CKE Restaurants.