Unilever Debuts #TuTwist Push Targeting Latinas

The programme spotlights Giselle Blondet, the host of Telemundo’s Gran Hermano, and is written by Comedy Central’s Alternatino star, Arturo Castro

Unilever’s U.S. Food and refreshment brands are celebrating Latina mums with a new campaign combining food and comedy, where the key ingredient is fun-loving nature and culinary creativity. The Tu Twist campaign kicks off with the premiere of an original web series hosted on ViveMejor.com.

The programme stars Giselle Blondet, the host of Telemundo’s Gran Hermano, and is written by comedian and star of Comedy’s Central’s Alternatino, Arturo Castro. Adding their own flavour, they expertly channel their family experiences to personalise the essence of the digital roll-out.

The series features mum’s go-to brands such as Knorr, Hellmann’s, Lipton, Fruttare, Popsicle, and Breyers ice cream as well as depicts how she uses them to keep mealtime fresh and full of her signature sazón. The videos will be hosted on the aforementioned online food destination for U.S. Latinos.

Meanwhile, the digital campaign is set to debut at the largest event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers, Hispanicize 2016. Fans will be able to watch the web series via said channel and join the conversation surrounding the programme using the hashtag #TuTwist, and share photos and their own recipe twists.

“Tu Twist is a digitally-driven campaign that taps into the strong cultural relationship Latinos have with food. These are confident cooks who balance inspiration from their heritage with what they find online, which is why we are launching the campaign on ViveMejor.com,” said Brian Critz, Brand Director, Multicultural for Unilever U.S.