Toyota will roll out the Yaris Adventure in New York this year, which the brand believes will fill the void of a subcompact pickup segment.

The Yaris Adventure from Toyota is making its debut in its native environment of the 2019 New York International Auto Show. Catering to those consumers flocking to the small crossover segment, the vehicle is part truck, part sedan.

While the brand sells every mid and full-size truck that hits the lot, the above offering fills the void of a subcompact pickup segment which has never been made available. The variant comes complete with a two-seat cabin and storage space behind the seats. The extra cab with rear seating has been ditched.

The move was made when Toyota determined that no one wants to sit in the back anyway. In its place, a composite inner bed ensures cargo capacity for moderate jobs. The model combines the comfort and fuel economy of a sedan with ideal cargo space, but not so much that friends will ask for help when moving.

“We are very excited to debut this product that nobody saw coming. We are constantly listening to our customers and reacting to the market. We have to blame the market on this one, as we haven’t had one customer ask for a truck like this,” said a senior executive at Toyota in relation to the Yaris Adventure.

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