St. Ives Unveils First Mixing Bar in New York City

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St. Ives has launched its first retail store in New York City. The mixing bar invites guests to choose from over 50 ingredient combinations.

St. Ives has opened its inaugural retail store. Situated in New York City, the mixing bar invites guests to explore custom body scrubs and lotions made using natural extracts, exfoliants, and moisturisers. Shoppers can choose from over 50 ingredient combinations.

The shop will also offer the opportunity to experience more than 20 new skincare ingredients including pink lychee, kale, ginger, and volcanic sand. An educational wall and sink stations for sampling are part of the mix. Running for six weeks, the store will remain until 30 July.

“We are thrilled to unveil the Mixing Bar this summer, where guests can create their own unique face scrubs and body lotions, while learning about the benefits our ingredient-led products provide,” said Suzanne Palentchar, Marketing Director at St. Ives.