SodaStream encourages consumers to leave single-use plastics waste in the past

The nineties are back in full swing, and whilst it was a wonderful decade that gave us the internet, boy bands and scrunchies, it gave us the excessive rise in single-use plastics. SodaStream calls, as we bring back our favourite 90s trends, to leave waste from single-use plastics in our past, for a better future.

To help eliminate single-use plastic waste whilst honouring the fun and innovation of the decade, the sparkling water brand is unveiling 90 limited edition, transparent and neon sparkling water makers, available here for US$90/£74. The new machine taps into 90s nostalgia whilst taking a modern-day approach to the fight on single-use plastic waste, as every family with a reusable bottle saves thousands of disposable plastic bottles.

“We saw the 90s style taking over and wanted to celebrate this cool decade but also remind people that not all trends should make a comeback, let us leave single-use plastics waste in our past,” said Matti Yahav, Chief Marketing Officer for SodaStream International.

Icon of the 90s, Tori Spelling, is collaborating with the brand to help spread the message.

“Some of my favourite memories, trends and inspiration come from the 90s,” said Tori Spelling. “I am glad to have partnered up with SodaStream to create this stylish 90s inspired product with the higher purpose of raising awareness to the issue of single-use plastics waste.”

In addition to its earth-friendly features, the product is also a great tool for staying hydrated in the summer. In fact, users of the brand’s product drink 43 percent more water than non-users and the benefits do not end there. It eliminates the need for trips to the grocery store for sparkling beverages. Putting an end to lugging home cases of plastic bottles, it turns flat water into sparkling water in seconds from the convenience of your home.

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