Smirnoff Stars Ted Danson in Quirky Vodka Campaign

Smirnoff has introduced a campaign featuring Ted Danson in a video series that celebrates the vodka giant’s ‘Made in America’ heritage.

Smirnoff has forged a partnership with American actor, author, and environmentalist, Ted Danson, as an extension of its No. 21 vodka campaign, Only the Best for Everyone. The brand worked with the artiste to create a comical series of short films now live on YouTube.

Cheekily communicating that the spirit is American-made, the videos capture how the product offers great quality at an affordable price and reinforce the marque’s heritage as “the people’s vodka”. The push is a reminder that the drink is for everyone from the average Joe to Hollywood stars.

The effort features a collection of spots depicting different scenarios in which Danson debunks the notion that he is inherently elitist and only likes expensive vodka because of his fame. A nod to the actor’s down-to-earth qualities, all of the five films cleverly deliver an honest, candid vibe.

While currently available online for consumption, the commercials are scheduled to run on national television in the United States later in the year. The alliance follows the company’s announcement in March of an official tie-up with American model and pop culture icon, Chrissy Teigen.

“Ted is a Hollywood legend and natural partner to help bring the spirit to life. His fun and carefree personality is a real-life embodiment of our brand. He is great at communicating our quality message in a relatable way,” said Jay Sethi, Vice President, Smirnoff at Diageo North America.