Sears Canada Revamps Brand and Retail Concept

Sears Canada

The biggest logo transformation in 32 years, the design features a font with a fresh take on the maple leaf to signal a redefined Sears Canada.

Sears Canada has unveiled a fresh logo, with the new look representing the most recent development in a series of strategic initiatives to revitalise the brand across all lines of business from e-commerce to in-store experiences, and from merchandise selection to marketing communications.

The brand’s biggest logo transformation in 32 years, the modern remake features a font with a fresh take on the maple leaf to signal a redefined era for the brand. The emblem made its first public appearance in the summer as part of major renovation project across several key locations.

The strategic move is designed to re-engineer the shopping experience for the retailer’s customers. The outlets which remain the primary focus of the revamp include Promenade Mall store in Thornhill as well as the Mapleview Centre store in Burlington, both of which are Ontario-based.

Sears Canada launches new logo
Sears Canada launches new logo

The stores are the prototype for what has been openly referred to as the Sears 2.0 stores—one set on altering the overall proposition to a more productive model with a customer-focused assortment. Meanwhile, the flexible layout is meant to optimise productivity and the in-store experience.

The initial iteration of said store concept is expected to be completed in September for Promenade and in November for Mapleview. In the months ahead, consumers can also expect an improved online shopping experience, a result of significant e-commerce enhancements and new fashion lines.

Ontario and Alberta will see the logo appear during store renovation projects and the pilot testing of the refreshed e-commerce site in the summer.  Canadians can expect the same in the fall, when the website debuts nationwide and on re-designed shopping bags, catalogues, and retail flyers.

“We are proud to unveil this symbol of reinvention. The brand is changing and our new logo asserts the modern and streamlined image and consumer experience for which we are striving in-store and online,” said Brandon G. Stranzl, Executive Chairman of Sears Canada.