Persil ProClean Goes Deep with Peter Hermann

The newest commercial by Persil ProClean sees the return of Peter Hermann and focuses on the deep-cleaning capabilities of the product.

Laundry detergent group, Henkel, has debuted its new Persil ProClean commercial. Rolled out at the Super Bowl and watched by over 100 million viewers, the 15-second spot, The Professional, ran during the second quarter of the Big Game and features Peter Hermann.

The advert places him amidst a team of scientists whose work involves dirt removal at deep clean level in the Persil ProClean stain lab. Created by DDB New York while directed by documentary filmmaker and commercial director, Erich Joiner, it showcases the brand’s latest technology.

The release of the film follows the launch of the Deep Clean Challenge by Persil ProClean. Consumers will be able to put the product to the test and receive a free sample by enrolling in the online contest. For a chance to win prizes, followers can connect via social media.

Around for more than a century in over 60 countries, Persil ProClean has been available in America since 2015. Within four years, its growth has led to major repeat purchase rates, pushing the category forward. The portfolio consists of both Power-Liquid and Power-Caps.