Nutiva Adds Flavour with Two Fresh Releases

nutiva coconut oil

Nutiva has expanded its Organic Liquid Coconut Oils range with the introduction of two new additions that go on sale this month.  

Nutiva has added to its Organic Liquid Coconut Oils portfolio with the debut of its latest variants—Classic and Garlic. Ideal replacements for traditional cooking oils, the new releases are suitable for sautéing, cooking, baking, and numerous other uses.

Hexane- and chemical-free, the liquid oils are extracted from fresh organic coconuts and crafted through a patented organic process that gently removes the fats in virgin coconut oil which remain solid at room temperature.

The latest Organic Liquid Coconut Oils from Nutiva: Classic and Garlic.
The latest Organic Liquid Coconut Oils from Nutiva Classic and Garlic

“Keeping in mind what consumers are missing, we developed our organic oils with no harsh chemical solvents like hexane. We wanted to create a versatile oil with all the benefits of a traditional coconut oil,” said John Roulac, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Nutiva.

Vegan and non-hydrogenated with no trans fats, the new additions are available online and begin shipping to American retailers in August. The brand’s products are sold in the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Canada.