Nissan and Amazon Launch Online Store for Outdoor Lovers

Unique, Out-of-the-World Products Provide Customers Exhilarating Outdoors in The Comfort of Their Own Home

Nissan Motor has launched “Nissan Xtreme Collection“, an online store themed around the traits of their X-Trail SUV model. A concept video in collaboration with Amazon Japan was also released, featuring professional outdoor athletes.

The store is based on the robustness and off-road ability of the X-Trail, offering five different products inspired by extreme outdoor sports such as snowboarding, rock climbing, water rafting and mountain biking. With the launch of the store, Nissan aims to let you bring the outdoors closer to your home.

Amongst available products are a replica falling rock barbell and dumbbell set, a powdered snow set and the large Private Rock for rock climbing. Nissan also worked in collaboration with professional athletes in finalising the product choices.

Nissan Private Rock
Private rock for personal rock-climbing activities

An open campaign on Social Media for the online store will also be launched, where users will be able to share their product requests using the hashtag #XTREME until 28 February. The platforms chosen for the campaign are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To find out more, you can visit the official website or Amazon Japan for more details.

Additionally, a showroom will be open to the public in Japan from 19-22 January at the Nissan Global Headquarters.