MINISO, a household goods retailer, has launched a new series of products in cooperation with Marvel Entertainment worldwide, covering toys, daily necessities, stationery and hats, which feature heroes like Captain America, Spider Man, Iron Man and Hulk.

Over 300 SKUs has been launched in more than 1,000 stores in the world. To celebrate it, the MINISO x Marvel promotion video was played on several famous landmark buildings in New York, Shanghai, Seoul, Bangkok, Jakarta and Madrid.

“Marvel is one of the world’s most influential franchises,” said Mr Ye Guofu, the global co-founder and CEO of MINISO. “I believed that good products must meet the demands of a greater market, and that is the reason we chose to cooperate with Marvel,” said Mr Ye.

MINISO overturns what people have always known about licensing products, and sticks to the principle of official licensing + affordable prices. It developed a brand-new ecological IP product model on the basis of respecting consumers and devoting itself to providing consumers with high-quality, creative and high-cost performance products, gradually realising the transformation from household goods retailer to fashionable IP store.

The brand has already collaborated with many top global IPs including Forbidden City Culture which is full of traditional Chinese culture, Sesame Street, Pink Panther, Kakao Friends, Pokemon, Hello Kitty, We Bare Bears, and Pantone; each of these brands have chosen to work with MINISO in researching and developing new products. The household goods brand holds fast to its business model and design concept of “better design, better life.”

The brand has been devoting itself to original design, pooling the world’s excellent design resources and creating original design products, so that global customers can buy better original products at a lower price.

MINISO seems to be aiming to slowly change the views of many of its consumers and is subtly leading consumers to change their aesthetics of life. Perhaps, soon, consumers will be accustomed to buying the elaborately designed and cost-effective products by the brand’s global design teams.

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