Kelley Blue Book’s “Your Car Guide” Campaign Helps Car Buyers Gain Clarity

Marketing Campaign by Kelley Blue Book provides tools for car shoppers to make confident purchases

Confidence plays a significant role in purchase decisions, especially when it comes to buying a car, which is often the second largest single purchase made by consumers. Kelley Blue Book, an influential and useful third-party automotive site, announced the launch of its new “Your Car Guide” marketing campaign that reinforces the unparalleled tools available on its website to help guide car shoppers wherever they are in their car buying journey.

The brand’s new “Your Car Guide” creative campaign illustrates how shoppers are not always clear on the car they need and how Kelley Blue Book brings car shopping into focus.

Developed in conjunction with independent advertising agency, Zambezi, the new series includes five new TV spots and online videos – “Your Car Guide Focus“, “Your Car Guide Outdoorsy“,  “Instant Cash Offer“, and “Price Advisor“.

The ads highlight the consumer solutions the brand equips shoppers with to make informed buying decisions, including expert reviews, trusted valuations and pricing with its Price Advisor and a convenient trade-in solution with its Instant Cash Offer. The series will air across cable, network and streaming television platforms, as well as social media.

“Car shoppers often start the shopping process unsure of the exact vehicle they want and are left with a lot of questions about the vehicles they are considering,” said Greta Crowley, vice president of marketing for Kelley Blue Book. “Using Kelley Blue Book’s vast expertise and tools helps shoppers ask the right questions, at the right time. Kelley Blue Book empowers car buyers to make clear and confident decisions, resulting in an easier and more satisfying shopping journey.”

Car shoppers turn to Kelley Blue Book for a complete shopping experience. The site gives car buyers everything they need to research a new or used car, compare cars, find cars for sale and make well-informed decisions.