Jameson Irish Whiskey introduces SPTO – St. Patrick’s Time Off


Jameson encourages people to keep St. Patrick’s Day on the calendar and dedicate more time to safely celebrating it with friends

Last year, and for the first time in more than 250 years, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations were called off across the country. Jameson Irish Whiskey, however, believes we need the spirit and camaraderie of the holiday now more than ever. Which is why the brand is introducing a special kind of PTO just for 17 March, SPTO – St. Patrick’s Time Off – to encourage people to keep St. Patrick’s Day on the calendar and dedicate more time to safely celebrating it with friends – even if it’s for one hour.

With exactly one month until the beloved Irish holiday, Jameson is on a mission to get everyone to plan for a much-needed break from their longer-than-ever schedules. Since March 2020, an overwhelming majority of Americans have shortened, postponed, or cancelled their planned time off despite working longer days with fewer breaks. Unfortunately, unused time off is a trend that started well before COVID-19, with more than half of Americans not using all their vacation days.

“As a holiday centred around people coming together to have a good time, St. Patrick’s Day has always been a moment people look forward to,” said Pam Forbus, CMO of Pernod Ricard USA. “We’re not here to tell you how to celebrate, just that you should celebrate on March 17th. We hope everyone joins us in putting their own spin on safely connecting because like our smooth, triple-distilled whiskey, St. Patrick’s Day is meant to be shared!”

With one month until the holiday, comedians and Jameson partners Retta Sirleaf and Joe Lo Truglio are providing SPTO motivation and inspiration in their signature style, starting with a PSA that makes the case for taking time off on 17 March: Jameson fans who pledge to take a #JamesonSPTO at JamesonSPTO.com will be entered for a chance to win US$50/£35.9 to spend with friends this St. Patrick’s Day.

Fans will also find out-of-office replies, video conference call backgrounds, tips for how to celebrate the holiday and more at JamesonSPTO.com.

“A Jameson SPTO is the kind of PTO anyone can use, and everyone deserves,” declared Retta. “Highlight March 17th on your calendar, grab a Jameson cocktail, and rally your friends – it doesn’t matter if you are on a computer, or in masks and 6-feet-apart – St. Patrick’s Day is still on for 2021!”

Truglio is all on board. “St. Patrick’s Day, to me, is really about friends and fun. We can all use more of both right now. Who wouldn’t want to take more time – an extra hour or the entire day – to celebrate those two things on 17 March? Sign up for a Jameson SPTO!” exclaimed Truglio.

For each winner, Jameson will donate an additional US$50/£35.9 in their honour to the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation to complement a US$150k/£107.7k donation the brand is making to the advocacy and nonprofit. Jameson’s support will allow the RWCF to support more organisations focused on worker health and wellbeing and expand its relationships and grantmaking beyond those in its current network.

“Whilst we want people to take a break this St. Patrick’s Day by taking time off, we recognise that bartenders and restaurant workers in our community need a different kind of break after a difficult year,” said Andrew Eis, Jameson Engagement Director at Pernod Ricard USA.

“We’re proud the Jameson SPTO campaign will continue the Pernod Ricard relationship with the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation by supporting grantmaking programmes that prioritise the health and wellbeing of bartenders and restaurant workers across the country.”

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