Huawei Celebrates UK Release for P9 Push

Huawei P9

Scarlett Johansson and Henry Cavill appear in the first P9 television commercial produced by global technology brand, Huawei.

The United Kingdom will witness this week the first on-screen appearance of Scarlett Johansson and Henry Cavill as they appear in a television commercial produced by global technology brand, Huawei. They were unveiled as the faces of the new Huawei P9 collection in London last month.

The pair co-stars in a commercial shot by famed director, Baillie Walsh, and are portrayed as sharing a series of smartphone snaps in an unlikely yet flirtatious duel. The spot offers a behind-the-scenes perspective of the artistes, while on-set filming captures Cavill during a tour for his latest work.

The scene opens with him being snapped by paparazzi as he leaves a film premiere. Turning to get into his awaiting car, he spots a wall of faceted mirrors and takes the opportunity to capture an artistic selfie, which he shares with Johansson. Meanwhile, she is filming in New Zealand.

Upon opening his message, she is eager to match his creative eye and snaps a similar image using her own reflection in her vanity mirror—the perfect photographic riposte. The short gives viewers a peek into how they use technology to get creative in a one-upmanship duel to determine artistic flair.

The game continues as he travels through the streets of Shanghai by night and she explores her film set, each capturing and sharing a succession of stunning images on their respective P9 devices. Shanghai and Hollywood become a metaphor for the partnership between Huawei and Leica.

The commercial is the culmination of a high profile launch campaign for the P9 featuring photographers including Mario Testino, Mary McCartney, and National Geographic’s World Press Photo Award winning photographer, David Guttenfelder.

The advertisement is scheduled be broadcast on ITV, C4, in cinemas, and via video-on-demand; it is also being supported by a press advertising campaign shot by Mario Testino, across national press and magazines.

“We believe in cultural technology, born out of people’s curiosity and desire to be creative by changing the way they experience the world around them. We are excited to take on a new experience of our own, with the first ever Huawei TV campaign in the UK,” said Rhys Saunders, UK Sales Director at Huawei.