Car-Buying Reimagined with HARMAN and Samsung SDS

Car-Buying Reimagined with HARMAN and Samsung SDS

The HARMAN-Samsung SDS joint solution transforms the showroom for personalised consumer experiences

HARMAN International, a company focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, and Samsung SDS, a global software solutions and IT services company, announced plans to jointly market the Samsung Nexshop Automotive Retail Suite, a solution that provides customised dealership experiences for consumers worldwide.

With a commitment to designing and delivering elevated, personalised experiences across the entire connected life, HARMAN now will add to its automotive offerings the Automotive Retail Suite, already deployed in more than 350 dealerships.

The Suite ensures that personalised information will be delivered to both the consumer and the dealership using interactive screens and virtual reality throughout the buying process—from the moment a consumer checks-in inside the dealership.

As an analytics-powered retail solution based on consumer, product and promotional data from various sources, the Nexshop Automotive Retail Suite raises the customer experience to a premium level.

“In the showcase done with Samsung SDS, Nexshop has provided an unprecedented retail experience that could be implemented in our dealerships and that truly enables a unique customer journey from the moment the customer walks into the store. At BMW, we’re focused on delivering exceptional experiences to our customers, and Nexshop seems to be able to take our showroom operations to the next level,” said Michele Fuhs, Head of Premium Retail Experience at BMW.

In addition to joint marketing and sales activities, HARMAN and Samsung SDS will combine Nexshop with the HARMAN Ignite automotive cloud platform enabling dealerships to continuously add more services to Nexshop, including the ability to capture data from a customer’s online research for a car into the overall purchasing experience.

“Together, HARMAN and Samsung SDS are creating immersive experiences in mobility, from home to work to car and everywhere in between. In automotive in particular, we see a tremendous opportunity to leverage digital innovations to elevate the user experience and the relationship between the driver, the car and, importantly, the carmaker, which includes its dealers,” said Sandip Ranjhan, Senior Vice President, Automotive Strategic Business Unit, HARMAN Connected Services.

“With the Nexshop solution, automotive dealerships can create meaningful and dynamic interactions with their customers in the showroom, enhancing service, creating new revenue streams and building even stronger brand and customer loyalty,” he added.