The FreshIQ debut for men is being supported by a Hanes push titled End the Smellfie, which entails television and digital advertising.

Apparel label, Hanes, has premiered its FreshIQ advanced odour protection technology across its men’s line which boasts t-shirts, fleece products, and more. Featuring antimicrobial protection, the collection’s socks and underwear offerings are available both at major retailers and online.

The FreshIQ range is specially designed to physically inhibit bacteria growth. According to the design house, textiles naturally aid in the growth of bacteria by providing nutrients, and odour is a by-product of said bacterial growth during the time period in which the product is worn.

While further additions are scheduled for release during the fall of 2017, the aforementioned debut is being heavily supported by a marketing campaign titled End the Smellfie. The exercise includes a mix of national television commercials and coordinated digital advertising efforts.

The push highlights men in a variety of settings—at the office, a wedding, and on a bus—doing self-checks, like an underarm sniff, to assess freshness. Broadcast spots have launched on ESPN and on programmes such as the NFL on CBS and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Digital executions are slated to run on Facebook and Instagram. The company’s FreshIQ marketing offers a light-hearted and relatable approach to product benefits, turning the issue of odour into an opportunity for consumers to feel fresher and be more confident throughout their day.

“FreshIQ will differentiate Hanes and be a competitive advantage in the marketplace—exactly what we are trying to accomplish with our Innovate to Elevate strategy. We are the first mainstream brand to include odour-control technology,” said Gerald W. Evans Jr., CEO at HanesBrands.

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