Ford Escapes with I Love New York Campaign Partnership

Ford Escape New York

Titled Escape NYC: An Escape the Room Driving Experience, the event takes place from 23-26 June and celebrates the Ford Escape.

Ford and popular experiential platform, Escape the Room, have teamed up to create the largest game experience. The first such driveable movement in its category, the platform challenges participants to use the latest technology and features of the 2017 Ford Escape to figure out clues and solve puzzles.

Designed in collaboration with the state’s I Love New York campaign, the creator and puzzle master, Victor Blake, has crafted a consumer engagement exercise unique in nature. Players will attempt to escape various rooms in one of the most iconic buildings found in the aforementioned city—Moynihan Station.

Titled Escape NYC: An Escape the Room Driving Experience, it takes place from 23-26 June 2016. The event is true to the gaming phenomenon which has become one of the trendiest entertainment outlets with millennials. It will occupy 35,000 square feet, making Escape NYC 50 times larger than the typical game experience.

On-site, contestants will immerse in New York’s hidden summertime treasures as they navigate the quintessential path of going from humble beginnings to the illustrious film industry. A five-room play space will prompt participants to uncover clues using their wits and the high-tech tools of said variant.

Throughout the game, players will discover a whole new side of the prolific American location and themselves. Open to the public, more than 1,000 consumers signed up in less than 24 hours. While pre-registration is sold out, walk-in spots will be available on each of the four days.

Meanwhile, the carmaker and I Love New York are set to release Summer Escape Travel Guides featuring extended getaways with the 2017 Ford Escape. Enrolees will receive a custom Escape New York summer guide highlighting the destination’s diverse vacation regions to help plan the ideal weekend break.

“Younger, urban consumers today want to live through experiences. They are voracious consumers of life. They’re not spectators; they’re participants. The game can be summed up as the experience economy trend putting a unique spin on the traditional test drive,” said Ginger Kasanic, Experiential Marketing Manager at Ford.

Ford was a winner at the 2014-2015 World Branding Awards under the Automotive (National) category.