Febreze Debuts New Air Freshener with Candice Kumai

febreze one candice kumai

For the premiere of Febreze One, the brand partnered with celebrity chef, Candice Kumai, to introduce the new odour elimination solution.

Febreze has released a new formula which uses its OdorClear technology alongside targeted ingredients and a light fragrance to eliminate bad smells in the air and on fabrics. The brand engaged celebrity chef and wellness journalist, Candice Kumai, for the product’s official premiere.

The culinary personality conducted a cooking demonstration at Home Studios in New York City. Her recipes were a series of healthy dishes for an audience intent on simplifying life. She incorporated into her creations elements inspired by the scents of the new collection to include bamboo, orchids, and mandarins.

Introducing an enhanced odour elimination solution, Febreze One contains no aerosols, dyes or heavy perfumes, whilst providing a refillable package. By also including Flairosol sprayer technology in its concoction, the air freshener produces an ultra-fine mist that leaves behind a simple scent.