Eurostar has launched a new campaign to move away from generic travel advertising. 

In the latest campaign, the key message is ‘You see more when you don’t fly’, with the star character being an ostrich, of course.

The campaign also aims to focus in on the enjoyment of the journey travelling by train can provide.

Richard Sherwood, Eurostar’s customer engagement director, says “What we hear from our customers – whether that’s down at the station, onboard or through research – is what is different about Eurostar is your holiday starts the moment you board the train. The transport is not a means to an end, it isn’t the way to get to Paris or Amsterdam or Brussels, it’s an important part of your holiday.

“We wanted our new campaign to really focus on the benefits of Eurostar – a high-speed and comfortable journey taking travellers to the heart of their destination. We have a new tone of voice that reflects the challenger brand approach that’s part of our company DNA, and look forward to working with Engine to achieve this in a bold, refreshing and stylish way.”

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