Budweiser Drinks to Baseball with Player Tim Raines

budweiser tim raines

Budweiser has rolled out limited-edition cans, with the campaign paying homage to Montreal baseball and three legends of the sport.

Budweiser and Montreal baseball player, Tim Raines, have partnered to launch the brand’s limited-edition legends collection cans. The athlete was present at the Labatt Brewery today to ‘raise a cold one’ in celebration of the sport and usher in the collection.

As baseball still resonates with the city and its people, both the beer giant and player are joining forces to stir up excitement in the hearts of Montreal’s residents. The effort aims to bring fans together in the name of the game, to drive the passion for the sport further.

Across the summer, Budweiser will inspire enthusiasts to ‘raise one’ for Montreal baseball and generate major buzz over the city’s lasting contributions to the sport. The can collection pays homage to three baseball legends namely Moises Alou, Vladimir Guerrero as well as Raines.