Beautycounter is opening its first retail store on Prince Street in New York City, with a marketing campaign scheduled to roll out locally.

Cosmetics group, Beautycounter, is unveiling its first brick-and-mortar store at 51 Prince Street in New York City. The space will drive the brand’s full collection of skincare regimens and standout products which include its cleansing balm, adaptive moisture lotion, mineral sunscreen, and more.

Other key highlights are its dew skin tinted moisturiser and sheer lipstick. Beautycounter also creates collections that help with advanced anti-aging and personal care, alongside offerings for kids and babies. Its ‘cleaning up the industry’ theme will be realised in stores through a marketing campaign.

In addition to on-site retail executions, the push will include a major out-of-home component reliant on such phrases as Beauty Should Be Good for You. The main area of focus is the Big Apple. Prominent design elements are inspired by its California blueprint, with references to vintage New York.

Visitors stand to converse and sample brand favourites while seated at an old-school counter. A neon sign which reads It’s Your Call will point to a custom phonebooth with a branded ‘blue pages’ phonebook. Followers are automatically connected—to lend their voices in support of better beauty laws.

Beautycounter will guide consumers towards safer and more informed choices beyond the store. There will be iPads to provide a deeper dive into its rigorous ingredient selection process, product reviews, launches, and frequently asked questions. Also, a staged museum-like washroom is part of the mix.

“If our mission is to get safer products into people’s hands, we must meet customers where they shop since our story is best told in person. We are thrilled to add a physical store to the progress we have made in educating and advocating for better beauty,” said Gregg Renfrew, Founder of Beautycounter.

View The Never List (of prohibited ingredients) here.

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