Petco Love, a nonprofit organisation, has launched its MY RUFF DAY campaign to increase the number of reunions with its free-to-use, national lost-and-found database for pets, Love Lost.

The platform uses image recognition technology to help families reunite with their missing pets via one photo at

Petco Love launches their MY RUFF DAY campaign, featuring Boomer pictured here in the animated short series, to increase the number of reunions with their free to use, national lost and found database for pets, Love Lost. Image Source: Petco Love
Petco Love launches their MY RUFF DAY campaign featuring Boomer pictured here in the animated short series to increase the number of reunions with their free to use national lost and found database for pets Love Lost Image Source Petco Love


MY RUFF DAY is an animated short series that follows lost pets as they try to find their way back home, told from the dog or cat’s point of view. The first episode follows Boomer on a moving day as he heroically seeks to find his family’s missing toy, only to find himself lost and alone in his new neighbourhood. Good Samaritans step in and, using Love Lost can reunite him quickly with his frantically searching family.

Boomer’s story represents the millions of pets who go missing each year.  It was reported that 1 out of 3 pets become lost at some point in their lifetime; nearly 10 million pets go missing each year.

In addition, many loved dogs and cats end up in crowded shelters, especially in summer.

Petco Love’s President Susanne Kogut said, “Not every lost pet is as lucky as Boomer. With Love Lost, we aim to change that by uniting communities and organisations with one goal in mind, keep pets and families together for a lifetime of love. Using our database with image recognition technology as the national billboard to report all lost and found pets, we can Unite to Reunite, and send all pets, like Boomer, back into the arms of the families who love them.”

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Lends His Voice to “Boomer” in My Ruff Day

Actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the voice of “Boomer” in My Ruff Day, said, “As an animal lover and pet parent, I know the fear of having one of them go missing. I’m proud to be a part of the Petco Love and Love Lost family and hope that My Ruff Day brings awareness to this incredible platform that reunites pets with their families.”

Unite to Reunite: Petco Love’s Mission to Keep Pets Safe and Sound

Image Source: Petco Love
Image Source Petco Love via Website

Many participating animal shelters in the U.S. use Love Lost to help reunite the pets in their care. Love Lost helps reunite pets across multiple platforms, including the Ring/Neighbors app, Nextdoor, and Facebook.

“As we see every day on Nextdoor, when a pet goes missing, neighbours are ready to mobilise. The Love Lost platform is a powerful tool to harness your community, identify lost and found pets, and help with their safe and speedy return home,” said Jason Hwang, Business Development Lead at Nextdoor.

Image Source Petco Love

“We’re proud to collaborate with Petco Love, dedicated to protecting some of the most beloved members of the neighbourhood: pets,” He added.

The organisation urges everyone to register their pets now, ensuring they are protected if they go missing later.

Love Lost offers support in nearly any language and maintains user privacy. By joining forces with pet parents, good Samaritans, and partner animal shelters nationwide, they believe we can “Unite to Reunite” and keep pets where they belong—at home, with us.

About Petco Love

Image Source: Petco Love
Image Source Petco Love

Petco Love, a transformative nonprofit organization founded in 1999 (formerly the Petco Foundation), fosters closer, stronger, and healthier bonds within communities and pet families. Through nearly $400 million invested in adoption initiatives and other lifesaving measures, Petco Love has empowered animal welfare organisations nationwide. Partnering with Petco and countless organisations, Petco Love has facilitated loving homes for over 6.8 million pets.

Driven by a profound love for animals, Petco Love pioneers innovative tools to reunite lost pets with their families. Their passionate spirit inspires and mobilises communities, alongside their network of over 4,000 animal welfare partners, to champion lifesaving change.

Visit or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X, Threads, and LinkedIn to join them in the lifesaving work they do every day.

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