Berghaus’ drive for ever higher environmental and social standards continues. The British brand owned by Pentland has now received a B-Corp certification. This was marked as the brand “joining a globally recognized community that uses business as a force for good.”

Additionally, Berghaus says it has taken a pledge to improve its approach to more sustainable business practices.

The brand witnessed its B-corp status achieved “after a rigorous assessment that covered governance, workers, community, customers, and environment.”

This further extends a thread that goes back to the foundation of the brand in 1996 and more than 50 years of making durable and repairable gear. “Today, Berghaus still offers its free repairs service (Repairhaus), and its dedication to quality and durability remains as strong as ever,” it noted.

Addressing the feat achieved by Berghaus brand director Charlie Pym said: “Quite rightly, there’s a high bar for achieving it. We’ve worked extremely hard to show that we’re worthy of the status. This process also highlights areas we need to improve, which is critical for our continued progress. Our mission is to open up the outdoors because that’s where the best of life is lived.”

He added: “B-Corp certification is not the beginning of our journey. It’s far from the end, but it’s another significant step forward in striving to make the world a better place with Berghaus in it. Everything we’re currently doing is in service of inspiring more people to spend more time in nature.”

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