Manchester United has received potential bids after the Glazer family announced its sale on the market. Several promising bidders have participated in the ManU bid war, showing interest in acquiring the EPL (English Premier League) club. As per reports, February 17 was the ‘soft’ deadline to submit bidding offers.

ManU bid war
Source The Independent

One of the first investors to bid for the club is a member of the Qatari royal family. Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the son of the country’s former PM and chairman of the Qatar Islamic Bank, validated his bid on Friday.   

His press release stated, “Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani today confirmed his submission of a bid for 100 per cent of Manchester United Football Club.” The Sheikh, endorsed by Nine Two Foundation, has plans to offer a debt-free deal. It includes complete investment in the team, training centre and stadium. 

He wrote in his statement, “The bid plans to return the club to its former glories both on and off the pitch, and – above all – will seek to place the fans at the heart of Manchester United Football Club once more.”   

Another prominent investor interested in the ManU bid war is Sir Jim Ratcliffe. A lifelong Manchester United fan, Ratcliffe owns the INEOS. He is among the wealthiest people in the UK. His bid is for 69 per cent of the club, exactly what the Glazers currently own.  

Us businessmen David Blitzer and Josh Harris are also rumoured to bid for the team. Although there have been no official announcements yet.

According to reports, Saudi Arabia has also joined the ManU bid war. Brokers have signed the required documentation on behalf of various Saudi groups. However, they are yet to make any actual offers.

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