Country Life bids Theresa May goodbye

    Country LIfe

    Country Life butter have created an advert to bid the outgoing UK Prime Minister goodbye.

    The advert depicts a Theresa May look-a-like, throwing leopard print heels in the air, in a field of wheat with the tag line ‘Taste the freedom. Taste Country Life.’

    The campaign pokes fun at the answer May gave in a 2017 interview where she confessed the naughtiest thing she had ever done as a child was ‘run through fields of wheat’ with her friends.

    The advert will be revealed in Westminster before rolling out throughout central London on digital displays. 

    The marketing director for Country Life, Lee Willett, commented: “At Country Life, we are proud of our Britishness and countryside heritage, and we have always sought to bring in an element of fun into our creative executions.

    “Our latest campaign, ‘Taste the Freedom, Taste Country Life’, is no different – we’re hoping to capture the attention of those considering trying something new, while encouraging the nation to embrace their second adolescence.”