More than the interesting plot of the Barbie movie, what’s more exciting is the catchy Dua Lipa levitating lyrics. The new Barbie 2023 trailer gives a hint of a grooving Dua Lipa single. Eventually, that would be a treat to watch this summer.

Barbie 2023
Image Source Warner Bros

Targeting the existential crisis, this Barbie movie with its superhit Dua Lipa sexy single will hit theaters on July 21.

This Greta Gerwig-directed movie launches a new trailer. This promising trailer shows the self-awakening of Barbie and her struggle to explore the real world. However, this entire plot gets an overwhelming response as soon as it gets associated with Dua Lipa’s single.

On Thursday, Warner Bros dropped the Barbie trailer of the highly-anticipated movie. The real twist lies when Barbie will hop onto the ‘Real World’ from her ‘Barbie Land.’

However, what brings more excitement is the inclusion of Dua Lipa levitating lyrics of ‘Dance the Night’ in the movie. Alongside, several pop music sensations also give away their unique beats to the song. Those heavy hitters are Ava Max, Charli XCX, Dominic Fike, Fifty Fifty, and others.

The story will get an exciting twist when Barbie will ask a question to her friends while dancing to Dua Lipa‘s catchy song. In the middle of the song, she abruptly asks, “Do you guys ever think about dying?”

From there on her adventurous journey will begin. However, Barbie will not be alone in this journey, as Ken Doll will accompany her in the entire course. While living in the cul-de-sac ‘WonderLand,’ Barbie questions her existence. That’s why she wants to see the real world from her own perspective.

She was only left with two choices; either live haunting fancy show in heels or challenge existentialism to enter the ‘Real World.’

Let’s explore what this Warner Bros movie will uncover!

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