Addidas’ high performance and Prada’s unique designs combine to yield an exclusive football boot collection. This year, these two sportswear and Italian luxury houses showcase their first boot collection.

Being proclaimed as ‘Adidas football for Prada,’ this mutual collaboration recreates three Adidas products. This unisex football shoe collection includes; the Copa Pure, the X Crazyfast, and the Predator Accuracy.

Eventually, in the collection, one can see Adidas high-performance technology along with Parada’s exclusive style. The boots intertwined Parada’s luxury material, with a hint of Linea Rossa.

Football boot

Also, these Adidas shoes getting a Parada makeover have been endorsed by famous celebrities, such as Rafael Leão and Pedri.

Further, the joint statement by the companies shed light on using the finest leather in combination with a monochrome base. To make the entire look more dramatic, one can see the bold red iconography of Linea Rossa.

These latest designs pay tribute to Adidas and Prada’s unique collections over time.

When studying each Adidas shoe collection integrated with Prada’s flavor, one can see unique styles and textures.

Football boot

The Copa Pure, also seen on Adidas UK outlet, includes silver leather upper and leather lace, symbolizing Parada instincts. Adidas X Crazyfast includes triangles of Prada’s brand identity. Moreover, this collaboration tends to preserve the football shoe’s lightweight texture and translucency.

As far as Predator Accuracy is concerned, the boots get a reconsideration by integrating Nubuck. Moreover, it comes in an Adidas Fusion skin, featuring seamless skin.

At this moment, you can make a purchase from Adidas confirmed app. Also, you can hop on to the official website of Prada. This offer starts from 25th May on all selected stores of Prada and Adidas.

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