Heineken and Le Pub join forces for #WorkResponsibly Campaign


Heineken have teamed up with the agency Le Pub to create a new campaign centred around the hashtag ‘workresponsibly’.

The campaign is being promoted to highlight the ongoing issue of workers spending more time at work than they are contracted for. Across the world workers spend an average of 9.2 extra hours per week at work. In Argentina, this issue is most common with 81% of people reporting to work unpaid overtime. 

Heinken have created a video for the ‘workresponsibly’ campaign named ‘The Office Cleaners’. Presented as a thriller-cum-horror the video shows an office worker working alone at night as the cleaners descend. The video ends with the tag line ‘Let the cleaners save your night.’


To roll out the campaign, Heineken have enlisted the help of cleaning companies working in offices in Argentina. The cleaners will don vests over their uniforms displaying QR codes for the activation. Office workers can scan this to get vouchers for a well-earned beer after work.

“As a brand, we have always stood for fostering real moments of connection over a beer with friends,” said Bram Westenbrink, Global Head Heineken® Brand. “We want to spark conversations about the importance of maintaining work-life balance and resisting societal pressures to be in a constant state of work. Campaigns like this help to encourage workers around the world to reprioritise social and leisure time with the people who matter.”

“Data reports that people are working more hours now than before the pandemic, and this is becoming a societal issue all over the world. Overwork can jeopardize more than just our social lives,” said Bruno Bertelli, Global CEO Le Pub, Global CCO Publicis Worldwide, CCO Publicis Groupe Italy – the lead agency that created the campaign. “This witty activation incites workers to have not only a healthy work-life balance; it’s also a practical uplift to socializing and hanging out with friends.”

Anisha Kapoor
Anisha Kapoor
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