Taco Bell Canada Plans to Start Serving Alcohol in 2017


Taco Bell Canada Select Retail To Offer Alcoholic Beverage Options

The move, fueled by five years of consecutive growth in which Taco Bell Canada has outpaced the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry by 28%, aims to reinvent the way fans and millennials experience dining in their restaurants.

Taco Bell Canada’s flagship store located at 484 Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario is currently expected to be the first location in Canada to introduce alcohol to the menu. Consumers aged nineteen and above can expect a selection of beer on the menu with the potential for more beverages to be added later.

“In the last five years, Taco Bell Canada has experienced tremendous growth, growing at 28%, further cementing us as Canada’s number one Mexican inspired restaurant,” said Amanda Clark, General Manager, Taco Bell Canada. “This announcement highlights how committed we are to further growing our business, and how devoted we are to building deeper relationships with our customers and evolving the way they experience our brand.”

In addition to serving beer, Taco Bell Canada also announced their intention to become a seven hundred restaurant brand in Canada. Currently Taco Bell Canada operates one hundred and seventy Canadian restaurants in over seven provinces and is the leading Mexican inspired quick service chain in the country.

As part of this growth strategy the newly opened Taco Bell Canada locations will showcase an overhauled design footprint featuring updated decor, local artwork, open kitchen layouts, open plating and shareable menus. The new Taco Bell stores provide increased transparency into how food is prepared while also simplifying and modernizing the restaurant experience.

“At the core of our new design, we stay true to our Californian heritage. We can’t wait for our fans to see it,” said Clark. “Our initiatives are propelled by what the fans really want, and when it comes to dining experiences, we’re not afraid to let millennials take the driver’s seat.”

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