The World Branding Awards are rolling out the red carpet for the 2023-2024 “Brand of the Year” winners! In this article, a Finnish hospitality legend, Sokos Hotels, is stepping into the spotlight.

World Branding Awards is a global stage celebrating the achievements of powerhouse brands that have truly set themselves apart. The prestigious awards show is not only a nod to the brand’s achievement but also a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

Image Source Soko

Spotlight on Success: Sokos Hotels

Sokos Hotels reigns supreme as the most trusted and respected hotel chain in Finland, boasting a network of 46 havens across the country, with one additional gem in Tallinn.

But Sokos understands that one size doesn’t fit all. Believing in travelers’ diverse desires, they’ve crafted four distinct hotel experiences: Original, Break, Solo, and Heymo.

Image Source: Sokos Hotels
Image Source Sokos Hotels

Finland’s Hospitality Hero: Sokos Hotels

Sokos Hotels are masters of positioning. Each property is strategically nestled in vibrant city centres or nestled amidst idyllic recreational areas, ensuring seamless access to transportation and endless exploration. 

But their focus goes beyond mere convenience. By carefully choosing these prime locations, Sokos Hotels aspires to elevate their guests’ staycations to an unforgettable experience brimming with happiness and Finnish flair.

Image Source: Sokos Hotels
Image Source Sokos Hotels

Sokos Hotels: Where Happiness Exceeds Expectations

Sokos Hotels prioritises exceeding guest expectations. For them, happiness isn’t merely fulfilling requests; it’s about crafting moments that spark genuine delight. Their mission is clear: to make guests happy throughout their entire stay.

This philosophy translates to attentive service. Sokos Hotels goes the extra mile, listening intently to guest needs. Even seemingly insignificant details hold the power to make a big difference. Imagine leaving a Sokos Hotel feeling happier than when you arrived—that’s the kind of positive experience they relentlessly pursue.

A happy guest radiates joy, creating a ripple effect of happiness that inspires everyone. These may seem like ambitious goals, but for Sokos Hotels, they’re more than just words; these are the driving force behind everything they do.

Sokos Hotels aims for people to love hotels, and its firm commitment to guest happiness imbues every stay with meaning. Ultimately, when its hotels contribute to a happier guest and a happier life, Sokos Hotels passionately believes in that pursuit.

Image Source: Sokos Hotels
Image Source Sokos Hotels

Sokos Hotels: Finnish Hospitality with a Heart

Sokos Hotels pulsates with Finnish pride. They take immense honour in caring for their guests and the environment, and supporting local Finnish companies and small producers whenever possible. It’s a philosophy they call having a “Finnish heart.”

Their commitment to sustainability shines brightly. For an impressive eleven years in a row, Finnish consumers in the Sustainable Brand Index study have crowned Sokos Hotels the nation’s most sustainable hotel chain. This dedication is reflected in their participation in the Green Key environmental program across all their hotels.

Image Source: Sokos Hotels
Image Source Sokos Hotels

This year marks a momentous occasion – Sokos Hotels celebrates its 50th anniversary! And who are the stars of the show? Their guests, of course. As a Finnish hotel chain hailing from the happiest nation on earth, its most cherished mission remains unchanged: to weave happiness into the fabric of every guest’s experience.

Capping off their golden anniversary year with a prestigious win at the World Branding Awards solidified Sokos Hotels’ position as Finland’s hospitality leader. It sent ripples of recognition far beyond their national borders.

This recognition wasn’t just a trophy but a powerful validation of their unwavering commitment to exceeding guest expectations, championing Finnish values, and fostering a sustainable future.

With this global spotlight, Sokos Hotels is poised to continue its reign as a beacon of Finnish hospitality, spreading happiness one unforgettable stay at a time.

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