Samsung: “Join the flip side”

Samsung has released a campaign for the all new Galaxy Z Flip 4, and it calls viewers to join the flip side!

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Samsung’s hi-tech flip phone has been a bit of a hit over the past year. Now the Z Flip is back for 2022, with better cameras, a faster chip, longer battery life and more customisation options than ever, as the company attempts to appeal to those bored of flat phones and looking for something more exciting.

Samsung’s new campaign focuses on the ever-growing urge to “join the flip side” and shows how the flip can be found everywhere you look.

Books, folding chairs, castanets… the idea of the flip cascades through the campaign. And the woman at the centre of the spot, finally gives in, realising that she didn’t “love” her old phone as much as she thought, she joins the flip side.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 costs £999 ($999/A$1,499), which is roughly in line with what you would pay for a premium standard phone. Are you going to join the flip side?