Revolut: ‘We’re just getting started’

With plans to grow, the digital app is challenging financial stereotypes and championing the “money underdog”!

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Image Credit - Deposit Photos

Revolut is rolling out its first major brand campaign, as it pursues its ambition to become the “number one” digital banking service globally. The fintech brand teased the launch of the campaign earlier this year, as part of plans to increase its investment in marketing. Those plans also included the recruitment of a further 45 marketers, investment in local marketing teams, developing in-house creative expertise, and investing “heavily” into performance marketing, analytics and insight.

The new campaign is Revolut’s biggest yet. Led by a TV ad, ‘Your Way In’ aims to reach “millions” of UK consumers in their homes, outdoors and online.

According to global head of integrated media Quentin Luce, Revolut wants to challenge stereotypes in finance and show consumers how they can break into “previously closed off worlds of money”, such as stocks trading and investing, cryptocurrencies, and making payments in foreign currencies.

“It’s a campaign that really portrays the most rewarding opportunities in money. And those opportunities have not necessarily been available to most of us all of the time,” Quentin Luce expressed in an interview.

“Traditionally they’ve been too expensive, or too complicated, or too difficult to access. What we want to show is that Revolut is crashing through all of those traditions that are a bit dated, to unlock a world of money that most of us never really thought that we could be part of.” Luce added.

“Crashing” is a key theme of the film at the centre of the campaign. The ad takes viewers on a journey across the world, in which ordinary people use the Revolut app to burst their way into financial arenas and through financial situations that would traditionally have posed a challenge.

The message is meant to be “empowering”, Luce says. “We’re inviting everyone to join Revolut, to join a product that really is open to all.”

“We know that people all over the UK are seeking new ways to manage their money, new ways to invest their money, they’re looking more and more into financial freedom, more and more into money confidence, and the cost of living crisis is definitely something that has increased that in the past months,” 

“Consumers usually have to settle for suboptimal money services. They’ve been made to think that good enough was alright. But we really don’t think that good enough is alright at Revolut. So we really want to democratise money and show that we can help the money underdog.” Explained Luce.

Ankit Khemka, Global General Manager and Head of Marketing for Revolut said: “My goal for the team was to make sure we reach almost everyone who is relevant or who is a probable Revolut customer. Let’s make sure we reach out to them and talk to them about what we’re trying to build,”