Oreo X DCM created ‘The Batman’ experience

London’s Rio cinema received an impressive makeover for the release of The Batman film

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Oreo and Digital Cinema Media (DCM) teamed up to deliver an immersive cinematic experience to celebrate the release of The Batman film last weekend.

Hosted at East London’s Rio Cinema, the three-day Gotham City-inspired experience took place beginning on the 4th of March. The venue was renamed the “Oreo Cinema” for the weekend with the cinema’s external signage also transformed, featuring a Gotham City Style makeover.

Once inside the venue, guests were presented with a “whodunnit” crime scene as part of a role-play experience where every audience member is a suspect. Participants of the activity were encouraged to interact with each other, and actors who took on the role of Gotham City’s police force. The goal was to unravel a series of clues and challenges to solve a mystery.

The cinema hosted boundless photo opportunities, as well as an Oreo ticket kiosk and a selection of specially curated Oreo-inspired snacks including “Oreo x The Batman” embossed cookies.

Across the opening weekend, all screenings at the cinema were solely dedicated to showing The Batman film, with a grand finale immersive theatrical experience screened before the movie. Elevenfiftyfive creatively directed and delivered the experience as part of a wider brand collaboration between Oreo and Warner Bros. The deal was brokered by The Story Lab together with DCM.

Rafael Espesani, senior brand manager at Oreo, expressed that, “Bringing two such loved icons of Oreo and Batman together has been a unique experience so far and we now can’t wait for fans to enjoy an exhilarating immersive event as they get their first look at one of the most anticipated films of 2022. From tantalising their taste buds with our Oreo-inspired creations to solving riddles and more, the screenings are sure to be a truly unforgettable one.”

“Enjoying Oreo cookies is a natural part of many film experiences, but we wanted to blow this up into something special. In collaboration with DCM, we needed a playful way to bring in the world of The Batman,” said David Kapur, Director of Elevenfiftyfive. 

Together, the brands successfully brought a new and engaging immersive experience to the scene of marketing. They created a memorable experience that drew people out of the comfort of their own homes and back into the cinema where the real magic happens.

The Batman was released in cinemas nationwide by Warner Bros on 4 March.