Lego Celebrates 90th Birthday

Lego entered its tenth decade with a series of celebrations and campaigns across the world!

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Lego held its first World Play Day yesterday, in honour of its 90th birthday. It will mark the occasion via an eclectic series of global events – including a Lego maze in York, a new play space in Harlem, New York, as well as in-store events across the world.

There is also a website featuring ideas of new Lego builds and films starring famous Lego fans such as Yotam Ottolenghi, Alicia Keys and Thierry Henry, proving that Lego is not just for kids. At the heart of all the events lies the brand’s overall mission: to highlight the importance of play.

“When my great-grandfather founded the company 90 years ago, he recognised that play could change the lives of children – it brings families together and helps children develop skills that can enable them to reach their full potential,” says Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, chairman of the Lego Group.

“He only had a small workshop, but he had big ambitions to ensure as many children as possible could experience the benefits that play brings. Whether 1932, 2022 or on our 100th Anniversary in 2032, we have and will always strive to continue Ole’s legacy by helping all families, wherever they are in the world, to play well.”

Lego continues to successfully change with the times, successfully bringing in digital elements and a movie franchise to accompany its core product, which remains the plastic brick.

In a recent interview, CMO Julia Goldin explained the brand’s guiding philosophy: “We have been extremely consistent in being clear about our number one priority being children. That has not changed at all since the company started 90 years ago … we have a clear mission to ­inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow, and that has been the umbrella that drives everything.”

“In the past few years our strategy has really been about staying valid and engaging with kids. We really believe we offer them tremendous opportunities to develop. We know that play is essential for their childhood and we want to offer them the best possible experiences.”