Lacoste is the most recent example of a brand who let the story—not their product—drive the incredible narrative.

For their newest “Crocodile Inside” campaign, the French clothier and agency BETC released a gorgeous short film that centers on an arguing couple. As they fight passionately, their world literally crumbles at their feet as the building begins to split open in a way that rivals even the most cinematic of natural disaster films. The inherent theatrics of the scene are only heightened by Edith Piaf’s “L’Hymne à l’amour” as the chanteuse lilts with every crack of the foundation and swells as the young lovers leap into each other’s arms amid the chaos. With a tagline that reads “life is a beautiful sport,” the confidence of a brand that is equipped to face any challenging circumstance rises from the metaphorical rubble.

Directed by French collective Megaforce, “Crocodile Inside” moves with such captivating intensity that any move to pivot to a more traditional branded shot would have felt almost inappropriate. Relying on the visual story—any dialogue is masked by Piaf, which is always a solid choice—to carry the weight of the marketing is intelligent, and a tactic that is largely afforded to established names like Lacoste, which has been around since 1933. An emerging label might not have the luxury of such subtlety (or a robust film budget), but here’s hoping that they still feel inspired to share a human moment that is bigger than the product.


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