Jose Cuervo “Father of Tequila” campaign puts heritage and provenance at the center of all forthcoming initiatives

Jose Cuervo Tradicional announced today the launch of an aptly timed campaign that puts the heritage and pride of Mexico’s national spirit front and centre of the exploding tequila category. The campaign will serve as a platform to showcase Jose Cuervo Tradicional, created in 1795, and will celebrate the company‘s history of craftmanship handed down through ten generations of the Cuervo family.

The new campaign provides a new platform for the Cuervo family to continue spreading the love of tequila as respect for this iconic Mexican spirit continues to grow.

“Jose Cuervo is synonymous with tequila and has been at the forefront of tequila premiumisation worldwide, helping consumers appreciate this national spirit alongside other premium categories like Bourbon, Scotch, Gin and Cognac,” said Lander Otegui, Head of Marketing at Jose Cuervo.

“Cuervo Tradicional is the most recognised super-premium tequila in Mexico and has been a staple there for hundreds of years as the original 100 percent agave recipe. Most are unaware that we introduced tequila into the US decades ago and popularised it with the margarita; the time is now to celebrate our founding father story and share it in a way that everyone can appreciate.”

The “Father of Tequila,” a multi-year, multimillion-dollar campaign, puts heritage and provenance at the centre of all forthcoming initiatives, including TV, digital and experiential. Consumers can experience that history first hand by travelling to Mexico and taking the one-of-a-kind, luxury Jose Cuervo Express train from Guadalajara to the town of Tequila and visiting La Rojeña, the oldest distillery in Latin America.

The company worked with award-winning, global advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CPB) to create the campaign, leading with 15 and 30-second TV spots, which will air from today and throughout the year.

“Many spirit brands claim ‘the first’ or ‘the original’ so it was our goal to not just remind people of Cuervo’s origin story, but make history resonate on an emotional level with tequila drinkers,” said Tom Adams, Executive Creative Director, CPB.

“We were inspired by the age-old cocktail party question: If you could have a drink with any historical figure, who would it be? We thought of a party with the most prolific pioneers in art, music and science. Of course, Jose Cuervo would host it.”

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