Itsu increases minimum wage

Asian food chain Itsu has announced an 11% wage increase from today

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Food chain Itsu, amongst other brands, has decided to make jobs with the company more lucrative by offering better pay to it’s employees. The change for Itsu will boost the pay of 1,000 employees at the company’s 72 stores spread across the UK.

Several firms are adjusting their workers’ benefits due to lack of recruits. Forcing many to follow suit to be able to match their rivals.

More about Itsu

Itsu is an asian specialist, creating delicious and healthy asian meals across 72 stores in the UK. They are known for their delicious authentic meals including bao’ buns, teriyaki chicken and noodle soups (a few examples among many). Itsu opened its first store in 1997, and its second store just 3 years later. Followed by an additional 75 over the next 20 years. Opening stores in New York 2018 and Paris 2021.

The food chain has witnessed steady growth over its time in the world, but just like most food chains and general stores – they struggle to encourage new recruits post-pandemic.

What about the others

Many companies are scrambling to retain staff. Some supermarkets have started to offer recruitment perks in order to encourage new team members.

Ocado, Aldi and Waitrose have all increased their driver’s wages, and Tesco has offered £1,000 joining bonuses. Much like, more recently announced, Amazon who also are offering £1,000 joining bonuses to their new recruits.

The pay rise announced by Itsu, will boost entry-level pay to a minimum £10.40 per hour at the chain.

Julian Metcalfe, founder of Itsu, said: “Our team members are the heart of our business and are the face of our brand for our customers in-store.” “This announcement will only increase the number of people that want to join [Itsu]”, Metcalfe added.

Will the rest follow

Based on the influx of companies offering additional benefits to their new recruits, if all goes to plan for these brands, then we are sure there will be more companies that follow suit. There is always competition for recruits. So if other brands see this initiative doing well, why wouldn’t they join in?