Doritos and Stranger Things Concert

Netflix's long-awaited fourth season of Stranger Things is celebrated with a virtual concert in collaboration with Doritos!

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Doritos have collaborated with Netflix’s Stranger Things, together they are bringing fans an incredible 80’s Music Festival featuring all things upside down.

Have you heard about the biggest ’80s music festival that never was? Storytellers say that Doritos Music Fest ’86 was poised to be the biggest event of the year … until the tour bus crashed near Hawkins, Indiana and the musicians disappeared into another dimension. It was the strangest thing.

Fear not, pop rock enthusiasts. 36 years later, the brand is making up for lost time by teaming up with Netflix‘s Stranger Things for “Live From the Upside Down,” a virtual concert celebrating the arrival of the hit thriller’s long-awaited fourth season. For this, the fans are invited to step inside a portal located in the fictional town of Hawkins and witness an ’80s era lineup that includes The Go-Go’s, Soft Cell, Corey Hart and special modern-day guest Charli XCX.

The brand worked with Observatory and Slap Global on the campaign, which kicked off with a retro 30-second video sharing the show’s “history” and ’80s lineup.

Although the show won’t be happening in a crowded arena or in the middle of a sweltering Californian desert, the brand is still aiming to recreate a familiar concert ethos by supplying the event with exclusive merch. “Live From the Upside Down” t-shirts, bags and posters will be available for purchase on the event’s webpage.

Fans will also have a chance to win an official replica of the special-edition guitar, featured in Stranger Things 4, by finding one of three “golden tickets” hidden in bags of Doritos 3D. Participating flavours include Spicy Ranch, Chilli Cheese Nacho and the new, limited-edition Three Cheese.

Concertgoers can access the show via information found on specially marked, Stranger Things-themed Doritos and Doritos 3D bags, or they can visit the event’s webpage to register for a free ticket. “Live From the Upside Down” will stream on June 23, nearly a month after the May 27 release of Stranger Things 4.