DHL opens first-of-its-kind mobile pop-up store in the US

DHL opens first-of-its-kind mobile pop-up store in the US

DHL works with Flexetail to create the mobile DHL ServicePoint location

DHL Express, a provider of international express shipping services, has opened its first mobile pop-up store in Silver Spring, MD, adding to its vast network of US retail DHL ServicePoint locations. Currently situated within the Westfield Mall parking area, the 2,200-cubic-ft. mobile DHL Service Point is the first of its kind in the shipping industry, providing a quick and easily accessible shipping option for customers.

“With the rise in popularity of mobile pop-ups for food, fashion and more, we saw an excellent opportunity to offer our customers a similar type of convenient experience,” said DHL Express US CEO Greg Hewitt.

“That growing need for convenience combined with the local demand for our international shipping services led us to develop this mobile, flexible shipping solution. The new DHL ServicePoint is part of our overall retail strategy to be closer and more accessible to consumers, using an innovative mobile model to complement our retail shipping network.”

Although the new pop-up store will remain in its Silver Spring location for the foreseeable future, it can be relocated as needed, based on changes in local shipping trends. The entire unit is built on a hydraulic lift platform and intelligently wired to accommodate all of the essential amenities, such as HVAC, security and computer systems – including a fast, efficient Point-of-Sale system that can process shipments on their way to destinations in both the US and any of the 220 countries and territories DHL serves.

Supplies such as bubble wrap, packing tape and DHL-branded boxes are available, and in the coming months, customers will also be able to pick up incoming packages at this location.

In response to social-distancing restrictions, this DHL ServicePoint also offers convenient safety features, including Call Ahead service (labels and packaging are ready when the customer arrives, to reduce wait time) and an easy-access service window, which saves visitors from having to enter the store.

The company worked with Flexetail to create this mobile DHL ServicePoint location. By designing and building flexible mobile shops such as this one, Flexetail gives brands an affordable opportunity to test products, explore new markets and launch new lines.

As part of its overall retail strategy, DHL has plans to launch additional mobile DHL ServicePoint locations in other major markets by the end of the year. The company also recently opened its first fully branded, company-owned US retail store in Miami, following with another in Chicago.

In addition to new company-owned stores, over 7,100 independently owned DHL ServicePoint Partner stores operate in the US market. They provide DHL Express international express shipping services (amongst other brands), global knowledge and expert advice to help businesses reach the international marketplace.