DFS has released its latest campaign spotlighting everyone’s unique style, and this individuality is not just limited to humans.

Created by Pablo, “The animal thingdom” explores how different animals express themselves through their furniture.

The 60-second ad cuts between different creatures in their “natural habitats”, from a furry caterpillar and a flamboyant peacock to a cinephile crab and some loved-up lizards.

In this case, spiked backs, long tongues and colourful feathers aren’t the only things making these creatures stand out from the crowd; their taste in furniture is too.

It was directed by Freddie Powell through Drool with Chris Bovill and John Allison on the creative team.

The team worked with a mixture of real animals, including a stubborn tortoise and well-trained peacock, puppets and animatronics to breathe life into “The animal thingdom”.

The creatives also used 3D printed sofas in the ad to recreate various DFS sofas at a miniature size – fit for small creatures – and CG was used to replicate the unique fabrics.

“Whether you’re a plankton, a tortoise or an actual human… you most definitely have a thing that makes you different,” Dan Watts, executive creative director at Pablo, explained.

“It’s what makes the world colourful and diverse. And yes, your home should reflect that uniqueness. So be like the exuberant peacock you are and get down to DFS right now. They’ll 100% find something that fits.”

The campaign will be running across TV, video-on-demand, YouTube, social, radio, digital display, digital out-of-home and print with stills shot by photographer George Logan.

James Brewer, marketing director at DFS, added: “This next chapter of DFS’s active brand platform continues to demonstrate our commitment to helping the nation feel confident in finding their thing, supported by our incredible product range, online tools and skilled staff.”

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