Deliveroo’s ‘Chipwatch’ Campaign

Deliveroo's 'Chipwatch' campaign promises to protect al fresco diners with dedicated crew and a specially crafted song!

Deliveroo, Delivery, Chipwatch, Campaign, seagulls
The fun campaign continues the brand's marketing evolution in partnership with creative agency Pablo. Image credit - Deliveroo

Deliveroo has decided to have some fun and launch “Chipwatch”—a campaign to protect the British public from hungry seagulls. For those not familiar with British summer time, there’s an unspoken consensus that as soon as the sun comes out, it’s time to travel to the nearest seaside town and chow down on a bag of traditional fish and chips. But, there’s an ongoing problem: seagulls.

Residents of the U.K. this time of year will throw up horror stories about the dive-bombing birds stealing their food. Deliveroo’s own data found 53% of Brits have experienced such acts of robbery by seagulls while trying to enjoy an al fresco meal. 

The brand decided to take action and fortunately, has come up with a solution. It is sending a ‘deterrent crew’ to Britain’s most popular beach spots, armed with reflective umbrellas and decoy hawks. The team will identify people eating on the beach and offer their services.

Deliveroo has even worked with a ‘gull expert’ from the University of Exeter and sound engineers to create an audio track, “Bye Gull Bye,” which will be blasted in ‘Chipwatch’ zones to repel seagulls.


The track can also be streamed on Spotify, so diners can ward off the birds wherever they’re eating!

The fun campaign continues the brand’s marketing evolution in partnership with creative agency Pablo, which it appointed in 2020.