Crocs Brings Breakfast to New Designs

Crocs are known for simple comfort, but also crazy fashion. The brand’s new cereal inspired designs have been teased and fans are hungry for more!

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(Image credit: Crocs/General Mills/FootLocker)

Over the years Crocs have slowly become the unlikely hero of the fashion industry. After Collaborating with a range of brands, from KFC to Balenciaga, Crocs are thinking outside of the box and their latest designs are no exception. 

Crocs has teamed up with General Mills to create a collection of cereal-themed shoes. The designs are focused around the popular cereals; Trix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs and Honey Nut Cheerios. The tie dye coloured shoes even come with the Crocs Jibbitz Charms to match. The designs are eye-catching and fun, bringing food to fashion. 

The collection has been aptly named “Rise N’ Style”. The swirly designs were developed to resemble milk being stirred into the cereal, with the Jibbitz enabling customers to further customise their “bowls”. But the fun doesn’t stop there, the shoes are even scented to match the cereals! 

According to USA Today, the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Crocs have already been released into the world, but the other three pairs will be released in July. And if you fancy these breakfast-themed shoes are available in the US and will be around $45-$70.

Crocs has built up quite a bizarre reputation after collaborating with the likes of Carrots, Chinatown Market, KFC and Balenciaga. 

There is always controversy when it comes to Crocs, but fans are pretty keen on the shoes, with one user commenting, “These are so cute,” and another asked, “Is it sick that I want them all?”