Coty to release touch-free fragrance testers

A breakthrough post-pandemic innovation

Fragrances, Perfume, Coty

Coty have created an innovative design to allow consumers to shop fragrances freely, and without fear.

As we all know the in-person shopping experience has changed forever. Due to current events the world is taking a much different approach to the traditional ways we shop, and rightly so.

Coty incorporated the New York based cosmetic conglomerate, have developed touchless fragrance testers in cosmetic and department stores.

The fragrance devices have been developed in partnership with Êverie, the French beauty tech company. Êverie specialize in smart devices, combining diffusion and micro dosing technologies to provide a low waste, low pollution experience to your post-pandemic perfume shopping experience.

These devices deliver a single droplet of fragrance to an arm or blotter. This efficient method of fragrance delivery eliminates the traditional ambience of walking into a fragrance store and being bombarded with a range of varying scents. The fragrance devices can also be fully personalised in accordance with all of the group’s brands. This means that not only is the technology effective, but it will look the part too.

Coty’s vice president for retail experience explained “Coty’s touchless fragrance tester is a breakthrough innovation developed in partnership with Êverie.”

“With the return of in-person shopping, the health and safety of our consumers are always at the forefront of our minds. Deploying a single drop of liquid to the skin with the same restitution as traditional testers, this new technology eliminates unnecessary waste and offers a safe, contact-free alternative for testing” they added.

Coty’s hands-free fragrance testers will undergo real world testing in Asia later this year following trials in Europe over the past few months.

Coty’s devices are just a small part of the fast-growing number of technological innovations that will revolutionise the beauty shopping experience.