PPG’s COMEX Brand Creates 30 Murals to Celebrate “Coco”

PPG's Comex Brand Creates 30 Murals to Celebrate

More than 90 liters of paint were used to create imaginative Comex murals that cover more than 317 square meters

PPG’s Comex brand today unveiled 30 colourful murals in Mexico City to celebrate the premiere of the Disney-Pixar film ”Coco” as part of its México Bien Hecho programme. The community engagement initiative aims to protect and beautify every corner of the country with artistic expressions and the colours of Comex paint.

The murals are displayed as circuits that allow residents to appreciate them on foot or bicycle in the Naples, Condesa, Roma Norte, San Miguel Chapultepec and Escandón colonies. PPG’s Comex brand created the artwork over a two-month period in collaboration with 10 artists from TUYI Collective, a group of national and international urban artists.

“Coco,” which generated great anticipation from international critics before its 22 November premiere, breaks through the norms of cinematography and accurately depicts the Mexican culture and the Day of the Dead holiday.

“For PPG’s Comex brand, joining this extraordinary initiative and collaborating with Disney Pixar has been of utmost importance. It is a great opportunity to graphically show the values, traditions and colours that identify and give life to our culture. Through the artistic use of colour, the Comex brand hopes to inspire and improve the mood of each resident, bringing art to the walls, ceilings, streets or any public space to reflect the cultural richness, talent and creativity of Mexico,” said Gilberto Alcaraz, PPG director, Comex México Bien Hecho programme.

“Through these murals, we seek to bring a gift of colour and positivity to several colonies in Mexico City. The murals modeled after the film “Coco” have already had an impact on the community, as we have received encouraging comments from people passing through the streets enjoying their progress,” said Jorge Barrón, Director, TUYI Collective,

The art installations will be available until January 2018.