“True Name” is part of Citi’s ongoing commitment to help create an equitable and inclusive culture

Citi is proud to unveil the bank’s latest step forward in its efforts towards championing inclusivity: offering transgender and non-binary people the ability to use their chosen name on their credit cards through launching the “True Name” feature with Mastercard across the US

Historically only available to individuals who underwent a legal name change, existing US Branded Cards customers can now display their chosen name after requesting a new credit card online or by calling customer service. In the coming weeks, customers will also be able to be serviced by their chosen name when they call into customer service and also across online and mobile access points.

“At Citi, we are passionate about ensuring our customers feel recognised, accepted and empowered to be their true selves,” said Carla Hassan, Citi Chief Marketing Officer. “We’re incredibly proud to launch the True Name feature, through our relationship with Mastercard, because we strongly believe that our customers should have the opportunity to be called by the name that represents who they really are.”

“Since introducing the True Name feature, we’ve received incredible feedback from our partners and allies within the transgender and non-binary communities on how the capability has eased a major pain point in their lives,” said Cheryl Guerin, EVP marketing & communications for Mastercard. “By working with Citi and its significant network, we’re thrilled that we’ll be able to extend the reach and impact of the True Name initiative.”

Citi is proud to launch this new offering as part of their ongoing commitment to helping to create an equitable and inclusive culture where we all recognise and respect how our identities affect our experiences.

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