Chevrolet and Partner For Road Safety Message

Latest Campaign from Will Engage Young People Around the Importance of Seat Belt Usage, without Losing Their Interest

A timeless hero who saves 14,000 lives in one year alone? The seat belt. Everyone knows strapping in behind the wheel saves lives, but more needs to happen to create a safer generation. Even though Americans these days are six times better at wearing a seat belt since the 80s, teens still have the lowest seat belt usage among any age group.

Since seat belt safety lectures have a tendency to cause eyes to glaze over,, one of the largest organisations for young people and social change, and Chevrolet, one of the world’s largest car brands, are teaming up to rally thousands of young people to buckle up effectively. The Ride & Seek campaign gives young people shareable and intriguing content, not scare tactics, to keep friends safe on the road.

“DoSomething is always challenging itself to find creative ways to approach young people about important subjects in their lives. We’re thrilled to work with Chevrolet to create a fun and inspiring way to empower young people to change their behaviours when it comes to seat belts and safe driving practices,” said Michele Fino, Chief Marketing Officer at

“We are pleased to work with an organisation like to help spread the message about the importance of seat belt use. It’s the number one thing all drivers and passengers, including teens, can do to protect themselves while in a vehicle,” said Tricia Morrow, Chevrolet Safety Engineer.

Young people can lead their friends on a game of “Ride & Seek” by plastering their schools and communities with provocative fill-in-the-blank posters which will lead curious young people through an engaging text-message experience that encourages others to stay safe in the car. Launched on 15 September, the goal of the campaign is to rally up as many young people and give them the tools to save lives.

Model, actress and overall beauty and fashion expert Amanda Steele joined the campaign and recorded a public service announcement to encourage young people across the country to buckle up to help create the safest generation on the road.