Burger King is 2017 Cannes Lions Creative Marketer of the Year

The Burger King brand has been awarded Creative Marketer of the Year in 2017 by the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

The “Creative Marketer of the Year” award is awarded to companies that have made spectacular creative strides in marketing and who embrace and inspire creativity and originality in consistent and powerful ways.

This award recognises the flourishing commitment to creativity from the Burger King brand. Proud Whopper, McWhopper Proposal, #WhoIsTheKing, Whopper Freakout, Whopper Virgins, Whopper Sacrifice, King Games, Subservient Chicken, among many others, are all campaigns that have been honoured for their inspirational and influential brand communications. Each advertising campaign showcases how the brand is fun, bold, and unafraid to break norms while reinforcing the brand’s positioning.

The Burger King brand strives to provide guests with a creative, exhilarating experience on all levels moving at full speed. Over the years, the brand was awarded 76 Lions in Cannes. The brand was also named “Client of the Year” by D&AD in 2016 and had the most awarded campaign across all Gunn Report Media in 2016 with its McWhopper Proposal initiative.

“Creativity is a critical factor when it comes to helping us stand out from the pack and punch higher than our weight. This principle is applied to everything we do, from the way we differentiate ourselves by flame-grilling our burgers to the groundbreaking advertising campaigns we create,” said Axel Schwan, Chief Marketing Officer of the Burger King brand.

“This award is a tribute to the consistently strong creative work done by the Burger King brand over time, and we look forward to celebrating it with all of our partner agencies during the Cannes Lions festival,” said Fernando Machado, Head of Brand Marketing for the Burger King brand.

“Burger King is a brand that’s built a reputation for marketing campaigns that are bold, courageous and innovative, constantly challenging the limits of creative excellence,” said Jose Papa, Managing Director of Cannes Lions. “Burger King believes that being a brand with purpose can achieve long-term advantages and deliver strong business results. That’s why the company is making such an impact.”

The brand’s originality and imagination extends beyond advertising and into product. Creativity, design and innovation breathed life into cultural sensation products like Chicken Fries and the Halloween Whopper Sandwich.

Cannes Lions celebrates the ‘Best of Burger King’ on Stories, the new editorial arm of the Festival. From classic campaigns that kick-started digital marketing to modern masterpieces of integration, find out more about some of Burger King’s most famous ads here.

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is hosted annually in Cannes, France, this year’s events will be held from 17-24 June 2017. The World Branding Forum is an official media partner of the Festival.