Brooklyn Brewery: Pilsner-infused paint

A renowned muralist has flown from Brooklyn to Brixton to show Londoners that the utility of beer stretches far into the unexpected. The mural was painted with pilsner-infused paint! 

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IMAGE CREDIT - Brooklyn Brewery/Danielle Mastrion

Artist Danielle Mastrion was tasked by Brooklyn Brewery, to create a world-first mural crafted with pilsner-infused paint in a transatlantic celebration of creativity.

“Having the opportunity to bring my expression of Brooklyn to the UK is a total dream come true, and when I was asked about creating the first ever mural painted with beer, I knew this was going to be a fun project.” Mastrion expressed.

“Brooklyn Brewery’s values are intrinsically tied to the communities in which it finds inspiration. In this sense, there is huge synergy between our creative philosophies, as I bring Brooklyn with me when I’m painting, no matter where I am in the world. It’s about giving back to the communities that inspire you.” They added.

Olivia Rawlinson, UK brand manager for Brooklyn Brewery, said: “Like the incredible work of Danielle Mastrion, Brooklyn Brewery’s ultimate mission – alongside brewing world-class and flavorful beer – is to encourage creative progress at a grassroots level among vibrant people and emerging talent.”

Encouraging people to create as well as consume, the campaign will see Mastrion host a blank canvas event on August 27, at which Brixton locals will be able to flex their stencil and paint brush skills over a cold beer.